Better Relationships. Better Business.

Better Relationships. Better Business.

My vision is to be a connected decision maker – with my own true nature, with humanity and nature, in order to contribute to business in ways that are better for our people and our planet.

What I offer
Navigating how to “do good in the world” in todays complex business environment is tricky. The stronger our own connection with our inner conviction and with our external environment, the easier this becomes. My personal mission is to build and strengthen my own connection to my True Self and to apply that in the most effective way possible. I have found dedicated time in nature under the guidance of powerful teachings has been invaluable in becoming who I am today and in doing what I do. 
I’m enthusiastic about Business and the place it plays in creating opportunities, employment and products or services that enhance the lives of all. I combine over 25 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience with my curiosity for innovation and commitment to my own personal development. 
It is an ever evolving journey – this website is a place where I can share this journey and inspire you to take a holistic approach to incorporating all that you are into your business.
I am based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, where I am fortunate to have the Pacific Ocean at my back door and an abundance of native bush, rivers and mountains near by to fuel my creativity and innovation. I get to share this with my husband, Duncan Catanach and our son, Mani. 

Deborah Crowe

Better Relationships. Better Business.

When you are clear about your own vision and boundaries, you are able to articulate your business vision and objectives to key people in ways that are authentic and meaningful.


Love & Care Limited

A mantra to live by

Love and Care is as much about a philosophy as it is a business in it’s own right. We are ambassadors for our planet and committed to the growth and transformation of leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to doing less harm and more good, for the benefit of humanity, the environment and all other beings in this world.


Way of Nature New Zealand

Spiritual Fellowship

The Way of Nature New Zealand is part of the global Way of Nature organisation. The Way of Nature offers programmes that connect people with outer nature and their own inner nature, working with principles such as relaxation, presence, cultivating energy and opening the heart.



Deborah Crowe - Fiducia

Executive Director and COO of Fiducia

My leadership and technical skills are currently being put to good use in Fiducia. Fiducia are Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Compliance specialists. As a relatively new emerging space, it requires creativity in how and what we produce to bring ease and joy into the life of people in a domain that is pretty dry. AML / CFT is a really complex topic and it speaks to the engineering side and the geek in me to make really complex things simple. And I love the opportunity to applies my business acumen and facilitation skills to assist the business leaders of AML Reporting Entities to better understand what this means to them in their business. They can then provide the leadership and direction enabling effective and efficient AML compliance in a way that supports their own business.

Current Mentoring Programmes

I am a Business Advisor to Sign Creations and a local charity, Teacher in the Paddock. I provide one on one coaching to a senior staff member at Ballance.

I am not currently taking new mentoring or coaching roles due to my new commitments with Fiducia. However I may be available for the occasional coffee if there’s something you want to socialise, so don’t be shy.

Recent Business Programmes

I have worked with a number of business entities offering a range of solutions to enable transformation and sustainability.

Seespray   |   Happy Local   |   Venture Centre

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